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Repo - Graverobber

emymsm in auracastellum

21st century cure

We were on a plane, flying to somewhere sunny with lots of beaches. We were on a vacation, me, my sister, brother (Johann) and his girlfriend. The girlfriend had blue eyes and blond hair.

We were enjoying our holiday, frolicking around on the sand, when Girlfriend who was swimming in the sea, got attacked by some kind of weird blue jellyfish. It grabbed her face and wouldn't let go. She was struggling and trying to scream, and between Johann and her, they managed to wrestle the creature off. It shrivelled up in his hands and died. Girlfriend started hacking and coughing and collapsed. We dragged her out of the water and after awhile, she came to.

Suddenly we all sort of realised that the creature had been some sort of monster-thing, and that it had poisoned her - there were small puncture marks on her neck. The poison was slow acting, but deadly. Fortunately, there was a cure, a type of blue flower found in the next country (we were near the border). However, any attacks by Blue Jellyfish had to be reported to the local authorities and the attack victims get whisked off in black vans with tinted windows, never to be seen again. It was all very dodgy business, like the government was trying to hush up the cases or something.

We couldn't report the case, obviously, so we decided to travel across the border to find the plant cure for ourselves. We all piled into a Jeep and headed off. My sister and Girlfriend were in the backseat, looking at pictures of the flower in some book.

When we reached the border, the border police came over to look at our passports. They got immediately suspicious when they saw the book opened to the blue flower page and asked us who was poisoned. The two idiots Johann and Girlfriend glanced nervously at each other and denied it.

They asked us all to get out of the car and they began to inspect our necks for sting marks, but somehow, they missed the marks on Girlfriend altogether. But the border police were more suspicious than ever, and they checked through our bags and found some dried leaves which looked like marijuana (but wasn't) in Girlfriend's bag and accused her of trying to smuggle stuff across the border and arrested her.

Johann was protesting that it wasn't marijuana, but the police wouldn't listen. My sister and I had a quick and quiet discussion and decided that it would be best if we left Girlfriend in their custody and just go on across the border, get the blue flowers, and then come back to cure/save her. I mean, drug charges are the least of your worries when you could drop dead any time, right?

We told Johann we wanted to go get the cure, and he immediately insisted on coming along with us. Girlfriend was nearly hysterical, because she didn't want to be left alone, and my sister and I agreed that someone had to stay behind with her. Girlfriend understandably wanted Johann to stay. Johann insisted on going to find the cure and said he couldn't allow his sisters to go without a male escort. So we decided that i should be the one to stay back.

However, the border police threw our plans off balance because they said those who weren't charged with anything couldn't stay. Both my sister and I knew how stubborn Johann can be sometimes once he made up his mind; he was just going to continue arguing with the police about having one of us accompanying Girlfriend, and waste valuable time.

'We're wasting too much time. I'm going to do something stupid,' I told my sister determinedly, looking around at our surroundings.

'What?' she asked conspiratorially, also glancing surreptitiously about.

We had the same way of thinking, my sister and I.

'Get arrested for Assaulting an Officer... so I can stay with Girlfriend. You and Johann get the cure, alright?'


I spotted the nearest border policeman and took a deep breath. At that moment, Johann looked up from his argument and saw the determined-to-do-something-stupid expression on my face.

‘No!’ he yelled startling the officer he was talking with, and shoved him aside to try to grab me.

He missed and I charged at my chosen victim, roaring all the way. I tackled the poor guy to the ground like a football player and as an after-thought, pummelled his stomach with my fist too, just to make sure I got all the “assaulting” bits down. I wanted to mouth-off at him with random vulgar phrases too, but didn’t get the chance because the guy I was attacking shoved me off and pinned me to the ground.

‘You are arrested for assaulting an officer!’ he said as he pulled my hands behind my back and slapped on the handcuffs. He didn’t sound like he was in any pain at all, because let’s face it, I have twiggy arms and he probably didn’t feel any of my weak punches...and they were mostly for show anyway.

‘Right...’ I panted, nodding happily. ‘Thanks!’

He gave me a befuddled look and hauled me up.

Johann’s mouth was agape and he stared stupidly at me. ‘What do you think you’re doing?’

I caught my sister’s gaze and we both rolled our eyes. I nodded to her and grinned and she grinned back, both of us sharing the same thought: Men.

Then she grabbed him by the arm to drag him away to find the cure, and Johann let her, still looking stunned and confused.