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emymsm in auracastellum

balai polis break

I wanted to watch the latest episode of Prison Break but I had a headache so giant that even 2 painkillers wouldn't dull the edge. I went to bed at 9:30pm and had one of the craziest most action-packed dream I've ever had. I woke up this morning with all my pillows thrown to the floor. Hahhaa.

I was driving my dad's Jeep (I could somehow drive a manual car in my dream!!) with my dad in the passenger seat. It was one of those PJ two-lane roads and I was driving on the faster lane. And then this idiot taxi wanted to squeeeeeeze in between my Jeep and the curb. I couldn't shift lanes because there was another car there. And the taxi guy was so impatient and was getting aggressive. So I stepped on the accelerator and blew past the car on my left so I could overtake the guy, and thus giving the taxi way.

Thing is, I accelerated past a red light. Oops.

And just as I was thinking, 'Wow, thank goodness no cops saw that!' when I heard the eeee ooou eeee ooou siren sounds and this giant police truck came out of nowhere and I had to pull over.

'Eeer... I think I ter-ran the red light just now...' I explained to my dad. 'What do I do now?? omg.' I stressed, as I watched a Malay policeman come out from the truck and approach us.

'Relax, nothing wann... just let me do the talking.'

But the cop apparently wasn't in a talking mood and he ordered us to get out of the car. And then the other cop in the truck (who was really young and in a much fitter shape) came and attached long cables to our Jeep to tow it away to the "balai polis" which was like a few streets away.

The first cop stayed with us to walk us there. We were walking past this small dark backstreet when my dad murmured urgently to me, 'Run run! Get to the car!'


And then he just took off running down the alley and I stumbled after him, ignoring the cries of "Oi! Berhenti kamu!"

It was like a maze in the back streets, and we took two rights and vaulted one medium-height fence before getting back the the main road a corner away from where we had started from. There was a pasar malam going on and we lost the cop pursuing us in the crowd.

And then we found our car (in the middle of the pasar malam), still in the process of being slowly towed. My dad unhooked the cables and jumped behind the wheel and told me to get in. But the stupid cops had padlocked the door to the passenger seat! Dad had already started the engine and was making frantic motion for me to hurry up and GET IN. I tried getting in through the back doors, but the car's centralised locking system had been disabled, so even though my dad unlocked his door, the other doors remained locked.

OMG. I was panicking really badly because I saw a whole swarm of cops making their way through the pasar malam crowd towards us. So I jumped on the foot ledge and grabbed onto the rack at the top of the Jeep and told my dad to GO GO GOOOOOOO!

And so we went, the Jeep careening wildly as my dad swerved left and right to avoid hitting pedestrians. We finally broke through the last of the crowd, only to find a squad of policemen on motorcycles and ATVs waiting for us... with guns. The Jeep's tyres screamed as my dad threw us into a sharp turn, and the sudden jolt almost made me lose my grip on the bars.

They started firing at us and what I was thinking was, 'That has to be rubber bullet, right!??!'

My dad was turning right, exposing the left side of the Jeep to the trigger happy cops. The left side also happened to be the side I was on... and I was holding onto the side, my brain wanting to yell so many expletives that my mouth just couldn't keep up. So all that came out as one long frightened yell.

The bullets made ominous ping ka-ping noises when it hit the car, but by some miracle I wasn't hit. And then physics came to play and the centrifugal force had me flying into a pile of vegetables.

'Hah! I tangkap you!' crowed a plain clothes policeman as he hauled me up.

My dad had stopped the Jeep and was looking horrified, and I bravely went, 'Go, papa! Go!'

He hesitated and I urged him with another "GO!", and then zoooom! He sped away with the police squad after him. I grinned shakily at the cop holding me and he glared back.

And then suddenly I was at the balai polis, shopping for clothes and some lady officer was following me around. This was my punishment, apparently, for running a red light, avoiding arrest and all that mess – to buy something from the police charity sale wtf. If only real life was this easy!

The officer gave me this absolutely hideous greyish-blue sweatshirt with a spastic lion embroidered on the front and expected me to buy it. As I was contemplating on how to tell her I’d rather buy something else, thanks, when my dad came in.

Lol, he was caught a few streets away and now he had to buy something too! Wtf. So funny la. He randomly grabbed some shorts and asked me what I was getting. And then I spied some pyjamas in a rack! I was so happy to find something I might actually wear even if they were only just pyjamas. And then my dad paid for both and we left the balai.

And then the dream twisted and I was actually walking with Nat out of the balai, walking to the carpark, trying to figure out a way to break Nyat out of the lockup! Because Nyat ran the red light and did all those crazy things.

Nat and I were arguing on which was the best way to get Nyat out without involving her parents and Nat was saying we should cut the power supply to the balai! And I said we couldn’t do that because without the aircond, Nyat would suffocate and die.

And then this part of the dream must have been influenced by the latest episode of Samantha Who?, because then the carpark became a swimming pool and then we saw Nyat was in her bikini swimming around. And Nat and I changed into our bathing suits and suddenly Renee came out and asked why Nyat was so menjolok mata, and then Roger said, ‘Haiya, that’s what got her out of lockup mar!’

And then we swam and ordered drinks and lazed around in the sun and Nyat and Roger were telling us about how one time in Singapore, they both went into a bank and then an armed guy came in to rob the place. The guy was emotionally unstable because he recently got dumped by his girlfriend and Roger gave him counselling wtf. Then the guy wanted Roger’s number so he can call and talk next time and Roger asked Nyat to key in the guy’s number.

‘Okay... what’s your name ah?’ asked Nyat after keying in the numbers.
‘Ah Meng.’


i just had to comment. WEIRDEST DREAM EVAAAAAAA!!!!!1111111

The last part made me ROFLMAO! Of all the things, Ah Meng... ROFLMAO!
Lol!! I know, right? So random at the last part.
I swear it was Ah Meng! I woke up with that name ringing in my ears. hahaha



So crazy, going shopping as punishment, cutting power supply to get me out of jail, and the suffocating bit! Aahhahah...

And oh man, some how in your dreams everyone always seems to have the right character... like they would in real life. Ahahahha...
hahha... yeah, so shopping as punishment!!! <3
And srsly, the power supply cut was so funny! Nat and I were so serious in the dream okay... so worried for you lol.
HAHAHAHAHHA me counselling?!?!!
you were apparently the very good counsellor!
and you know what? i think you were actually shot by the bank robber in my dream... and you were bleeding all over the bank floor, and was slumped on Nyat's shoulder... and yet you still managed to give good relationship advice, half dead from blood loss or not!! lmfao