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Aug. 30th, 2008




My brain seems fixated on costume parties for some reason. Last night was another costume party/masked ball; held on the grounds of some kind of mansion. There were loads of people; most of them we know from SMKSH.

The costumes were amazing!! There were huge Victorian dresses, court jesters, and dashing princes. I don't remember what we were wearing, but I think I had on something that was black, and had a veil.

Anywho, we were all talking and and drinking, and having a great time. And people were taking pictures like crazy. And the hostess of the party came up to us to take a photo of us. So we posed; Tasha on the left, me, Nyat... and click!

But the first picture Tasha and I blinked.
The second, Nyat wasn't looking at the camera.
The third time was perfect.

And then the dream went on for a bit, more socialising and admiring other people's costumes. There was some girl dressed in Mrs Thornton's severe black gown, but was parading around with a stolen mask of a Prince. Hilarious.

Then the scene changed suddenly, and I was at home, sitting at my computer. I was Tagging everyone's pictures of the Masquerade photo album. And then I saw that Jahana (I have no idea, my brain threw up this name!) - who was presumably the hostess of the party - had uploaded her pics of that night.

So I clicked and looked for our pictures; I ignored the other photos, just glancing through them.

I found that she had uploaded all three photos, event the failed attempts. But... then I noticed something really odd about the pictures.

For one, we were all really pale. And then it seemed as if our headswere enlarged somehow, and our faces were smudgy - as if the exposure of the camera took too long and we were moving. But the effects only affected our heads!

I was staring at the demented pictures, thinking, 'Omg, I'm going to unTag myself!'

Then I saw that the other pictures of that night was similar; normal bodies with bloated smudgy heads. But it only happened to some people; the other people in the backgrounds were fine.

And then I started to freak out, cause it was like the camera was posessed or something, to be able to produce weird pictures. :S

Aug. 25th, 2008



For the love of Dixon

This dream was very likely to have been influenced by the book Lullabies for Little Criminals.
And in my dream monkeys wear clothes and can talk.


I was half-afraid, half-excited on leaving planet Earth to colonised another planet (Mars, maybe). I was by myself with no possessions; luggage was not allowed on the spacecraft. I checked my ticket and went into a compartment; to find that I was to share it with a man and his pet monkey.

He was the very-good-looking bum type; never worked for a living and survived by leeching off others. He was laid-back and easy going, a drug addict and a drunkard. Of course, I didn’t know all that...all I knew then was he was extremely handsome, charming, and that his name was Dixon.

In contrast, his pet monkey was a different story all together. He was solemn; his brown face frowning in disapproval most of the time. He sat quietly on the bench. He must have introduced himself, but I can’t remember his name now. He might have seemed aloof and disdainful, but he loved his master with all his little being. It was because of his love that we never really got along later; we were jealous of one another.

I fell in love with Dixon immediately, so easily taken in by his grin and jokes. But he was a bad influence on my life, and everything soon spiralled wildly out of control. I stole stuff, I did drugs, I got drunk regularly... but I loved it all, because Dixon was with me, doing the things I did.

It was during this period of utter indulgence that Monkey disappeared. Dixon was heartbroken about losing his friend, but I couldn’t be happier because I had Dixon all to myself now.

Dixon started to drift away; he stayed out longer and didn’t tell me where he had gone. I knew he was cheating on me, but couldn’t face the reality of it and thus ignored it.

Then one night we heard that there was an illegal rave party going on at the seaside and decided to attend. We had so much fun; I could almost forget all the troubles we were having in our relationship.
It was dawn before the party was over and everyone had left. Dixon and I were the only ones remaining and we staggered across the beach. We were so drunk. We had lined up empty beer bottles in rows and were trying to leap over them. We were too captured in our own game that we didn’t notice that the police had come.
They were watching us, their faces grim and hard.

They arrested Dixon, charging him with a multitude of crimes that I didn’t know he had committed; murder and arson... and the shock of hearing that he was a pimp. :(

I was so distraught and agitated, screaming and crying until one of the officers said that if I carried on any further, he was going to charge me with obstructing justice.

And then suddenly Monkey was there! He was a police officer now (and a highly regarded one at that), and he spoke quietly to his Captain, then took my hand and led me away. He was quite firm and I felt a little silly being pulled away by the tiny creature, still sniffling.

He walked me back to my tiny apartment, and waited quite patiently until I had calmed down. Then he told me that when I first came into their lives, he had seen that it had been impossible to separate Dixon and I. Monkey had been upset by my addition to their friendship, and felt as if there was no place for him in Dixon’s heart any more. For you see, Dixon was a very intense sort of person, very passionate. And two people in his life was one too many.

And so, loving Dixon too much to tear him apart, Monkey left. Monkey had always hated and begrudged me his sacrifice. If I had never met Dixon, Monkey said, their friendship would still be intact. Dixon probably would not be in such a situation now, for Monkey was the rational one, and could have prevented Dixon from self-destructing.

Dixon and I, according to Monkey, was a doomed relationship; we were too alike and would agree to mutually self-destruct, just to accompany the other.

Hearing his grim analysis, I couldn’t help but feel angry at Monkey. If Monkey had not left, Dixon would not have felt so bereft, so lost. Things had only gotten worse after Monkey ran off.

And so we sat there, the two of us, loathing each other, but loving the same man.


...what a depressing dream. :(

And then there was another dream in which Ming, Nyat, Nat, Tasha and I were at my house, having a costume tea party. We were laughing so hard, because I dressed up as Mr Tilney or Rochester or Darcy or something, and had a moustache and a tophat. And Nyat was my wife, and she was holding onto my arm! wtf... so strange

Aug. 24th, 2008



petrificus totalus

For some reason, almost every time I take naps in the afternoon nowadays, I experience the “unable-to-move” phenomenon. It’s really quite disconcerting; you really can’t move or open your eyes, or even cry out. After the first time I experienced this (it was horrible, since it was combined with the most awful nightmare I had in years!), I did a bit of research on it. It’s something to do with the brain not being “shut-off” properly or something, but at any rate, I’m utterly convinced there’s nothing supernatural about it at all and consequently am no longer upset by it – it happens so frequently, it’s practically a norm for me now.

It happened again today; I was lying on my back half-asleep and dreaming when I became conscious of harsh whispers being spoken into my right ear. The words were indistinguishable; it seemed as if a few people were whispering all at once, the volume and intensity rising and falling.

Used as I was to these types of freakiness, I was still a little creeped out when I found I couldn’t move. I tried to say something, (like, ‘Shut up!’) or to wake myself up fully, but all I managed was a half-muffled groan because I couldn’t speak. :(

To add to the freakiness further, the whispers moved around me. It started off being very close to my right ear, then moved in front of me and then further away to my left.

I gave a mental, ‘Meeeeh!’, exorcised my fears with Science, and just ignored it and went back to sleep.


And then there was the other time a while back when I was napping. I woke up unable to move/speak, and I could feel someone breathing on my neck. Just as I was thinking, ‘What the fu-’, that someone pressed his face into the side of my neck and – I am being perfectly serious – I could literally feel the bristles of his unshaken jaw.

Omfg, I could really really feel it, and I was thinking ‘what the HELL is going on??’ when his arm came round my waist!

Asdfasdfssadasd.... after a short moment of panicking, I realised it was one-of-those-tiresome-can’t-move/speak things again. So I ignored him, and drifted off to sleep again. :P

Aug. 22nd, 2008



Period Apocalypse

The scene was post-apocalyptic; burnt buildings, muddy skies, smoggy air. Something Terrible had happen to Earth and I was experiencing the aftermath. The whole city appeared to be deserted, apart from my family and I. We were walking on a half-destroyed highway - strangely, all the highways in my dreams were the suspended/flyover types. Section of the road were missing, presumably  blasted away by bombs? More often than not, we had to run and jump across the gaps between sections of the sky-highway. We had to use the sky-highways because a Great Flood had come too, and the brackish waters had not receded; water levels were as high as a 20 feet.

We all were carrying bags stuffed with supplies, and an umbrella in hand.

And then after much gloominess and despair and angst-ing, the dream became weird.

I was Jane Eyre (as a child... I must have been twelve, maybe) and I was following Mr Rochester. The scene had not changed at all - still as post-apocalyptic as ever - just the characters. They servants were bustling up and down the sky-highway, carrying suitcases, and Mr Rochester telling them to Hurry, hurry, hurry!

I was still holding my umbrella in my hand and Mr Rochester grabbed my other and impatiently hurried me along. But I was really reluctant to hurry at all, because Mr Rochester didn't want to be late to have tea with Miss Blanche Ingram!


Then we "arrived" and stopped suddenly and peered over the edge of the railings to the houses below. We were slightly early for our tea appointment, and were considering how to get down to the Blanche's house - which was half-submerged in dirty water.

I told Mr Rochester that we shouldn't go down at all, because then, 'How will we get back up to the highway?'

To which he replied, 'We have ropes, silly girl!'

As I was pouting and grumbling, and Mr Rochester threatening and ordering, we suddenly caught sight of Blanche in a window. She didn't know we had arrived. She opened her front door, and we could see a shoal of fishes swimming past her. And then she transformed into a demonic mermaid and attacked the fishes. srsly.

She had huge razor sharp teeth, and those weird big glassy fishy eyes. And she had spines poking out of her elbows and all the way down to her tail.

She fed so ferociously on the poor fishes, that the water became red from all the blood.

And Mr Rochester was so horrified at what he saw, he lost his grip on the railing and almost fell over! He didn't luckily, and then he was hurrying us again, this time to make us get as far away from Blanche Ingram as possible!


Aug. 13th, 2008



The Thing that crawls

In my dream, there was a girl dressed in period clothes - probably 18th century. I think her name was Fanny Hill.  She had travelled very far from her home. Walking down a forested lane, she was stopped by a guy called Gary, who told her he could show her many wonderful, magical things. Intrigued, she followed him as he led her away from the path. He parted some vines to reveal a small enclosure, filled with butterflies. There was also another girl there, sitting amongst the flowers.

But the things Gary wanted to show Fanny weren't really "wonderful" at all. He pulled out something from a shelf - the place seemed to have shelves, I guess - and gave it to the other girl, who started shaking and crying. Fanny was quite horrified, and begged Gary to stop. He seemed quite put-off, and told her that she was the one who had wanted to see the things anyway... but he did that the object back.

Then he pulled off something else from the shelf and set it on the floor, were it started to immediately crawl towards Fanny. It was a tiny baby-like creature, small enough to sit in the palms of one's hands. But it was hideous - it's skin was grey and black; it's head slightly too big for its body; the face scrunched up in a grimace... and when it crawled, it moved jerkily, and seemed to have one too many limbs. Fanny tried to get away from it, but it advanced slowly, cornering her.

Gary told her that the Thing was merely looking for a mother. It would crawl into your mouth, and force its way into the womb from the stomach. The host-mother couldn't die, because it wouldn't allow it; it had some magical properties. And when it was bored of its host, it would claw its way violently out of the womb, and search for another host-mother. Host-mothers hardly ever survive the "birth".

Then he told her a story about how there was once a woman who had been imprisoned and left to die. But one of the baby-things found her, and she allowed it into her. And every time she "gave birth" and lay there dying her with belly torn, she'd force herself to catch the Thing and swallow it again, and the Thing had no choice but to heal the host-mother so it too could live. It was a horrible way to stay alive, but the woman was determined to escape one day and get revenge on those who imprisoned her.

By now, the Thing had already crawled up Fanny's dress, and was ready to force its way into her mouth. But Gary reached out and easily plucked it off her. He returned the Thing to the shelves.

And then suddenly Gary wasn't a guy any more, but a woman - quite beautiful, but her age had started to show.

The woman beckoned Fanny through another parting in the vines and led her down a flight of stairs to a lake. They both got into a both and the woman started to row away.

The woman told her she initially had wanted to kill Fanny and steal her body for an hour.

'For you see, Fanny, in an hour I could find a Prince, and with your beauty ensnare him forever.'

Fanny was pretty horrified, but the woman just smiled sadly and shook her head. She didn't look as if she were about to follow through on her evil plan.

Then my mum woke me up from my nap, saying that mosquitoes were gonna eat my face.

Aug. 12th, 2008



bright lights

A few weeks ago, I read this article in the Star newspaper about these strange orbs of lights that appeared in the sky, hovering above Texas. I found the same article, but in the Los Angeles Times instead, over HERE.

In my dream, my whole family was there on my front porch, even Leon who has been in the UK for years. Ean had his laptop bundled under his arm, and we were all about to go out for a late dinner. Then out of the corner of my eye, I saw these bunch of orbs of white light in a straight line in the night sky. I remember thinking it was odd that the lights weren't moving. Then all of a sudden, the lights moved, they dashed around making formations; lines, circles, a v-formation, and even coalesced into a single orb, but it didn't even grow in size.

I started yelling hysterically, yelling for my family to "look up there!" and maybe to run away.

We were all OMG-ing and staring at the light display, when all of a sudden I had this really bad feeling in my gut, that I needed to get away now. I started pulling on their arms, but they were too enraptured, too engrossed, and just ignored me. :(

In the sky, the orbs suddenly flickered green, and I dashed to the gardens, intending to get back into the house by the back door, because all the other doors were locked.

I could hear people going "Oooooooh! Aaaaaaah!" as if witnessing a display of fireworks, and knew that even my neighbours were watching. And then I think the orbs sort of exploded like how fireworks would - into smaller sparks that rained down multicoloured; red, green, yellow. The sparks didn't just fall to the earth though, they travelled lightning fast and moved with as much intent and agility as their bigger counterparts.

A green spark chased after my and hit my shoulder and I screamed, feeling it burn. I continued to run, trying to get indoors as fast as I could.

People were screaming now, and yelling in pain and fear when the sparks came.

I scrambled inside and rushed to open the front door so my family could come in to safety. When they had all staggered in, Ean looked the worst off; his shoulders and chest covered in tiny burns. We were all trembling.

Then Ean jumped from his seat, 'My laptop!'

When the lights appeared, he'd flipped on the webcam to record the event. We looked to the laptop expectantly, but it was dead now; a spark had fried its motherboard.

Then Ean starting cussing the aliens.

And then it was morning, and everything outside was quiet. Since I wasn't hurt much, I volunteered to peek outside to see what happened to everyone. My neighbours were in the street, carrying things out from their homes into piles on the road side. I wanted to know what they were doing, so I opened the gate. My dog immediately ran out. I chased Mushu around, and an old neighbour tried to stop me because he wanted to talk to me.

'Later! Later! ...Mushu, come back here!'

And when I finally caught the dog and was walking back, the old man waylaid me again. He was really bossy and annoying, commanding me to "Go home and sort through your elementals to throw out."


Then I saw that the piles were divided into the materials the items were made of: metal, wood.... err...maybe plastic. There was a whole mountain of twisted forks and spoons in the metal category. The guy was telling me about how the aliens would come back and expect an offering. I was nodding and mm-hmm-ing and managed to edge around him to dash back home.

I told my family what the neighbours were up too, and mum brought out our cutleries. wtf.

The dream was so real!! I'm half-afraid now that alien would be invading us, and I'd get abducted! :(

Aug. 5th, 2008



water bird

I must have been subconsciously anxious about going back for my second semester sans-friends. :( My two uni buddies ditched me, so I'm left all alone... but I made more friends again today, so all's good.

In my dream, for some reason my uni classes were held in a castle, Hogwarts style. Only the castle was perched on an island in the middle of the sea. I was sitting in a sampan-like thing, rowing to the castle, coming back from term break...

But it was an eventful term break! Over the holidays, I apparently got into a relationship with a lecturer, who somehow looks a lot like Jared Leto. (How amazing is that?! I wish it were true... le sigh) Of course, student-teacher relationships were very much frowned upon so we had to keep it quiet.

And then and then... I think Jared suddenly decided what-the-hell, and made the relationship known and there was hell from everyone. The other students kept following us around like paparazzi and taking pictures. So Jared started taking points off them (like Hogwarts again) and confiscated all the cameras.

And then... I forget what happens, but I think I jumped off a tower and became a seagull and flew to a jagged rock thing in the sea, away from the castle to meet Jared. And we sat on the rock and held hands. <3 And I remember complaining to him how lame my bird-form was, a freaking common seagull!

Then he said I could be a eagle if I wanted it bad enough. And then I jumped off the rock and became a ... I have no idea what breed of bird I was, but it could dive and swim in the water! Woo!!!

The oddest thing about the swimming bit was that I distinctly remember holding my breath while diving, but then found I could breath water anyway.

Aug. 2nd, 2008



saving people, hunting things

I has this dream months ago, but it's one of my favourite dreams, because it had Dean and Sam of Supernatural in it.
I suspect that the basis of this particular dream stemmed from the fact that I always take the Federal Highway back to KL, coming back from uni every day... and also the fact that at that time, I just watched The Mist.

Dean was driving along the highway, I was sitting shotgun, and Sam was at the back. We shared a packet of crisps between us. We were just joking around and laughing when all of a sudden, we realised that there was no one on the streets.

The whole highway was empty. Then Dean glanced at the review mirror and starting swearing, and hit the gas. I turned to look back and there was this creepy mist, just swallowing up everything, coming at us faster and faster.

I was screaming and yelling my head off, telling him to go faster... and they told me to shut up, but I wouldn't listen cause I was panicking.

And when we reached the toll, we couldn't find my Touch n Go card, so we crashed through the bars...

I suppose we managed to escape the Hungry Mist.

Aug. 1st, 2008



This is SPARTA!!

...or possibly it was MACEDONIA!!

It was an amazing dream, I tell you. It had half-naked muscular men running about, and Angelina Jolie in it.

There was Gerard Butler as King Leonidas, in all his 300 glory, with a triangular piece of leather protecting his bits... running about and stabbing Persians... well, actually, I think they were more like Talibans... They - The Persianbans and the Spardonians - were at war or something, and they were waving swords about, and flexing muscles...

And a pregnant Angelina, crossing-over from the Alexander movie, swathed in white robes and looking bloody hot... She didn't look pregnant in the dream, but I knew she had twins somewhere in her flat tummy (Knox and Vivienne?).

She was standing all serene and Zen-like, whilst her husband (Gerard) hacked and slashed away... and there was this bit where in the midst of stabbing someone, he caught her eye, and she winked saucily at him, and he grinned back... <3

Jul. 29th, 2008


Yummy figurines

Bizarre dream today.

For some reason, Emy was in it. We were at some shopping mall or whatever.

We ended up going inside some anime shop to steal the little 1-inch tall figurines. Apparently in my dream they were like gummy bears and tasted absolutely delicious. (In real life they are of course yucky plastic.)

The stolen figurines were put into some chocolate sandwich thing. That is.. instead of bread you have chocolate. Then it is to be eaten and it tastes marvelous.

Halfway while making a "sandwich", the sandwich morphed and I was writing my name and address on the front of an envelope instead. Which means I was mailing myself wtf.

Before I was done filling in the particulars, out comes the anime storekeeper. And he's fucking pissed off that we stole and ate his figurines. Thus he's threatening to call the police (I tell you), and off I go running.

Emy however doesn't run. She just stands there getting the verbal barrage from the storekeeper. I run back, only because I realise that I left the envelope there and thus the storekeeper can track me down. I grab the envelope and zip away, leaving Emy behind.

I'm feeling terrible that I'm just abandoning her, but somehow I can rationalize in my dream that she should have the sense to run herself.

There you have it folks. In my dreams I'm a guy who only cares about himself and can abandon his friends. Haha.

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