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emymsm in auracastellum

We come in peace

Haven't had any good dreams to share recently until today.

I was channel surfing on the tv when a special broadcast caught my eye; we were in contact with aliens!

Apparently some underground alien research centre had successfully (and illegally) broadcasted some message into space, and had received a reply from the Planet Oburon (...some made up name my brain provided). As I was watching, I could see how Earth was broadcasting its message:

.... We weren't using some sort of special frequency; we were arranging bits of brightly coloured squares around in space to form words...!!
...And Oburon would reply using some wriggly light thingies.... wtf.

Then the newscaster said that the authorities were currently trying to find out where the message is being broadcasted from, and arrest everyone, because what they're doing was illegal. I suddenly realised I knew who were the one's sending the space-message, and that I had to warn them.

I found myself quite suddenly in a underground warehouse thing, filled with wires and computers and various techie-gadgetie-thingies. At the far end of the room were my friends; a whole bunch of geeky people perched around huge computers, yelling and gesturing excitedly to each other.

I wanted to warn them about the authorities catching up on them, but completely forgot about all that when I saw them trying to arrange our Earth broadcast message thing. I watched enthralled as the colourful squares floated around and rearranged themselves to form more letters and words. I pulled up a chair and sat next to a girl.

'How are you guys doing that??'

'What...?' she murmured distractedly, eyes glued to the screen. 'We're using kites, and we just manipulate them around a bit.'

That's when I noticed that the whole room was filled with huge kites of different colours; apparently, these geeks somehow managed to launch the kites up into outer space, and pull them around to form words!!! wtf!

But it made so much sense in my dream, I tell you... I was so impressed with them.

I was watching them trying to make the word "Friend" when the room had plunged into total darkness; the authorities had found us and had cut the power supply.

Everything was in chaos as people started cursing and things crashed to the floor. The door burst open and I think the police or whoever came in, shooting and yelling threats us.

I was so bloody scared, I just cringed in my seat, closed my eyes and clapped my hands over my ears...oh yeah, and I was screaming, I think! In fact, I think I kept screaming until someone - I couldn't tell who in the darkness - grabbed me from behind and bodily hauled me from my seat, and then slapped a hand over my mouth. lmao.

And then I don't remember what happened next. Did I manage to escape? Get shot? Arrested?? What about the aliens??? No idea. :P

But I do remember another dream where there was that Damien guy from The Omen.. the demonic little boy. I had to babysit him, I think, and he kept asking me where his mummy was, in a creepy emotionless voice. :S