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halobenzene in auracastellum


Ever slept for 14 hours?

I just did.

But I don't remember my dreams much.

What I do remember though, was awaking at some time and feeling like I had slept for a long, long time. I felt completely refreshed, like I had the greatest sleep of my life. Then I checked my alarm clock to realise I had only been out for 5 hours.

When my conscious mind noted this, I immediately felt sleepy again. The feeling of freshness drifted away like how dreams dissipate within the first few minutes upon waking.

Had I been awake subconsciously? Completely aware of the passage of 5 hours?

It is probably the worst nightmare to be imprisoned by sleep; to be completely helpless but to count the hours go by until you somehow awake. And then when your consciousness takes over, you forget all about it and the vicious cycle continues.