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emymsm in auracastellum

apparently, cows can't swim

There was this island floating in the air, surrounded by water. Strange, I know. The water was suspended in the air too, for a good few miles out before falling like a huge waterfall back to the earth.

This island was populated by all kinds of animals that could talk. (Waaaaay too much Barbie as the Island Princess!!!) Oh yes, I had a family on this island. My mum was a shark, my dad was an alligator and my younger brother was a cow. A freaking cow! How did that happen?! I was human, though.

I can't really remember much, except I always had the coconut picking duty, because I was the only one who could climb trees.

And then the volcano on the island was about to erupt, so we had to escape by jumping off the pier and into the sea to swim away. Sharkmum and Alligatordad were fine, swimming away to safety.

My Cowbro just sank. He jumped into the water and buoyed for a while. Then he mooed and said completely emotionlessly, 'Oh dear,' and dissapeared under the waves. So effing strange!

And I wasn't distraught at all. I just went, 'Oh well,' and swam away.


LMAO!! What a funny dream! The cow bit especially, LOL
You watched Island Princess again?! Omg, I love Diamond Castlelah. It comes second after that Pegasus one with the sarcastic prince, ahahaha. At least I think it was Pegasus.

Eh, eh, omg I want to watch The Duchess!! With Keira Knightley and Ralph Fiennes!

i know!!! haha...my cowbro was a freak. mum and dad should have eaten him long ago.

i didn't watch island princess again, i just scrolled thru it... and i haven't watched DC yet! I completely forgot all abt it. :P going to watch it now lah!

Lol, wtf.

Yaaa, go watch!! I wanna live in a cottage with a garden like that and earn a living selling my flowers!

I hear it's pretty goood!!
whut the fuuuuuk.
yeah, and then a storm comes and destroys your livelihood! :P

omg, im laughing and sniggering like an idiot. I'm at the part where the 2 dude musicians are serenading the girls whilst they're trying to eat dinner. lmfao @ their expressions! and the dogs too!!!

i saw the book in mph... was so tempted to get it!
oh yeah, minus that part. :P

lmao, me too when I was watching it. i can't stand their accent! so funny. and the dogs' barks sounds so retarded!

ahh, it looks so goodla. the guy she falls in love with is that dude from sense & sensibility! i dont like him after his character in S&S. :(

ooh, i'm reading The Time Traveller's Wife! there's going to be a movie out soon, OMGGG. with RACHEL MCADAMS and ERIC BANA. 0_0
omg the guys are damn funny.
"you're twins!"
*gasp!* No! Really?!
wtf. the barbie creators have such great humour.

I know!! weird dogs!

i STILL havent watched s&s!!! :(:( When I have my semester break, im gonna watch everything!!!!

OMGOMG, RLY?? you know, i havent finished reading it. haha... but its quite good la. omg, eric bana!
lol, i know. you have to watch the sarcastic prince one! i feel like watching it again too. :P haha, omg. how old are we!

yahh, it's quite nice! i still haven't watched emma & persuasion. i don't know why, they just don't seem to have the same appeal like NA, the latest S&S and P&P. kate beckinsale's eyebrows are so distractingla.

I KNOW. i'm only at the beginning, and it's a bit the mind boggling.
oh man... Barbie and the Sarcastic Prince must be good if it trumps Barbie and the Two Weird-Accenty Musicians! :P i must go ask nat for it then! lmao! ...we're young at heart, kays!

im waiting for Lost in Austen to finish dling! It looks so funny. Taking forever tho! :(

Time Traveler's Wife is so wonky la. I get so confused sometimes!

"Moo. Oh dear." *sinks*
lol!! its so cute in a very strange way.
Cowbro was such a freak.