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morlygwen in auracastellum

Top Secret

It began when we were under attack. Everyone was asked to evacuate the area. So my family gathered outside the house and there was this moment of panic as we hurriedly loaded the car before driving off. I still remember all the questions.

"Which way should we head?"
"Where shall we stay"

Then we stopped at this town in front of a row of shop houses and suddenly everything seemed alright. So we went into this bookshop and all of a sudden, I saw this red missile come crashing through the glass window, towards me. I dodged it, and stared in horror as it crashed inches away from where my mom was standing. Then another.

And another.

And yet another.

And suddenly I was hitting them back as they came. Sorta like how you play baseball, only with a shelf. You know one of those ones used for birthday cards. No idea how I was strong enough to lift them either.

Watched them bounce back and crash into the walls. And somehow nobody seemed to get hurt. Only thing I thought to myself was "Oh man, now I'll probably get cancer when I'm older"

Then I realised something. The missiles only came at me and no one else. So I moved away to test my theory and sure enough, they came through the broken glass window, changed their course and aimed for me. After some time, the missiles stopped and in came this small guy. I knew he was after some chip I had, so I took out my phone, crushed it, and threw it in the flames.

The guy walked up to where I was lying(playing dead), examined the chip and yelled, "We got the wrong target! This one's a Maxis"

And then this other voice boomed from outside the window. "You fool! Get me my 016! NOW!!!"

Next thing I knew, I was with all of my relatives on this Island and we were on vacation. I had aquired the real chip(which was apparently in my dad's phone) and my uncle was the villain. Having crushed it(so no one could detect it), I was trying to find a moment where I could throw it in the sea. But somehow, I couldn't find a time where no one was watching.

Then 5 of us, (parents, my sister, brother and I) were out for a walk. We were walking on this ramp and on either side of us was this giant sewage plant(still on the island). I watched the bubbling fluid change from blue, to green to brown as we walked. Then we reached the end of the ramp and had to turn back. But to my horror, the ramp was no longer there and in its place were giant pipes, quite far apart. And so we had to bend down and use our hands to reach for the next pipe in order to not fall into the sea of disgusting gunk. I remember my stomach muscles aching after that and my dad telling us off for not joining his Pilates classes.

After that, I was struck with this brilliant idea. I couldn't throw the chip into the sea for fear of it being found by divers years later and having the evidence leading back to me. (too much Dexter I think) But instead, I'd throw it into the sewage where no one will look and hopefully have it disintegrate over the years.

Don't remember much after that, only me asking my uncle(the villian) why there were so many helicopters hovering around the island and whether the 'criminal' who had the 'highly top secret microchip' was here on the island.


LOOOOOLOMGGGG... its like My Super Ex-Girlfriend!!
And I laughed so hard at the "This one's a Maxis --- You fool! Get me my 016! NOW!!!" wtf so random, strange and funny!

Eh, you know I once dreamt I was strapped down to Dexter's table, about to be murdered by him?? lol, I kept trying to tell him I wasn't a bad person and that he caught the wrong person but he wouldn't listen to me. :( he sliced my cheeck and put my blood on a slate... and I can't remember if he got around to killing me or not lol.
Yeah, I woke up and was like "016? Wtf." Lols.

Oh yeah, you told me about that dream. That's scary man. I think you woke up before he could kill you. Ahahhahah.