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emymsm in auracastellum

spy school

I was trapped in some storeroom; I couldn’t come out because then I’d get discovered and get into trouble. I wasn’t supposed to be here you see; not in school. At least, not in this school. I was from some other school, infiltrating Seri Hartamas for some nefarious plan. I was getting frantic, because I had to get back to my own school, but couldn’t just stroll out into enemy grounds.

And then a stroke of luck; a hapless Form 5 Malay boy came into the room and I walloped him good on his head, stole his uniform and edged out of the storeroom cautiously... and got pulled into a classroom by a bunch of guys who presumably knew who Hanad (the guy whose uniform I was wearing) was.

“Yah, yah,” I nodded to some question they were asking, trying to find away to escape. And then into the mix swooped a really pretty Malay girl.

“Hanad, I really need to ask you something,” said Nadhira.

“Err, right... I just... need to...” I cast my eyes around, looking for an escape. “gototoilet!” I finished with a exultant rush.

I extricated myself from my male group and rushed into the unisex toilet and immediately locked myself in a cubicle.

‘Well,’ I thought to myself, ‘I really needed to pee anyway..’

So I pulled down my borrowed pants and sat down to pee.

My mind was filled with ideas on how to escape now that I was dragged further and further into enemy territory. Surely I’d get discovered soon? I plotted and schemed until I ran out of ideas, and also of pee. I must have been in the toilet for really long because Nadhira got impatient enough to come into the toilet and look for me. She worked out that I must be in the only occupied cubicle, and went into the one next to mine. I could tell from her legs that she was leaning against the thin partition that separated us.

“You still here, kah?”

“Ya,” I replied gruffly.

There was a long awkward silence, which I felt compelled to fill, but couldn’t find the words for. And suddenly a whole group of male students came into the toilet, rambunctious and vulgar.

“Oi, Nadhira! What you doing here la?”

“Waiting for Hanad.”

I grew anxious as now I was stuck with not only Nadhira, but a whole group of guys to fool with my stolen identity. I kept silent, praying that rehat would be over soon and that everyone would clear off to go back to classes. Then I noticed that Nadhira – that sly, naughty girl – was slowly inching up to peer over the barrier at me. What she saw was the guy she had a crush on peeing like a girl. I saw her blush at being discovered fade away and her eyebrows crunched in confusion.

I was discovered!

“Oh, my god...” I wheezed in fear as I stared at her confused expression. Then I stood swiftly, knowing I still had a few seconds to exploit that confusion. For reasons unknown, the partitioning walls of the cubicles were suddenly only shoulder high. I gripped at the one separating us and glared at her.

“You! How dare you tengkok-tengkok I!”

My yell had attracted the attention of the other guys and they looked over to us curiously. I caught the eye of a guy and I rolled my eyes in annoyance.

“I can’t even take a fucking shit without being disturbed!” I told him, trying to ooze vulgar masculinity.

Wai Meng laughed and gave me a wink.

“Chill la, Hanad, give the girl a break. She likes you!”

Nadhira fled the toilets, blushing furiously. Hafiz leaned on the door.

“Cepat, oi! Rehat nak tamat!”

“Yah, yah,” suddenly conscious that the only thing protecting my identity and my lower privates were my shirt tails. I carefully pulled up my pants and flushed the toilet. Then a bit nervously, I unlocked the door.

Wai Meng and Hafiz pulled me out and led me away. Apparently, these two were planning on sneaking out of school and skipping the rest of their classes. Perfect for me.

The corridors that we were walking through looked like the ones in shopping malls that led to the toilets, the corridors hidden by double doors. We emerged from the double doors into a... shopping mall. Curiously, the place was half-school, half-Times Square. We were on the top floor and had to make our way to the ground floor. We decided to take the lift.

In the lift, Wai Meng suddenly morphed into Roger, and he was telling us that we should stop at one of the floors to play pin ball.

Hafiz readily agreed, which left me struggling for a straight face because for no apparent reason, the words “pin ball” really tickled me. I wanted to laugh like mad. I snorted, trying to keep in my laughter. Roger looked at me as if I were crazy. Hafiz didn’t notice. I emitted a high-pitched giggled. Roger became incredibly suspicious and was probably about to reveal my real identity when I was saved by Hafiz, who shoved him out of the lift at the arcade floor, proclaiming, “Dah tiba!”

“No! Wait!” yelled Roger, trying to get back into the lift to murder me. The lift’s glass doors closed and I was safe. I grinned and waved cheekily at him. And I started to laugh, because I remembered “pin ball.” I laughed so hard that I woke up giggling.


this is so much more random than your last dream. much! and i thought nothing could beat balai polis break!

and of all the people, why hanad, nadhirah, hafiz, wai meng and roger??!!!!
i know!!!! but its funny as hell!!! and even in my dream, i was consciously trying to sprinkle in some malay words to sound more hanad-ish!!!!!! wtf, right???

I'm telling you tho, i make a very handsome hanad. *waggles eyebrows*
MUST... KILL... SPY..!!!
but come to think about it, you're not from seri hartamas!! :P