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emymsm in auracastellum

Why so serious?

In this dream, there are:
• Lurking Jokers • Dark rooms • The weight of options
• A party • Dragons hatching

It was getting late and we were tired, so we decided to go to bed. We were in some sort of a hotel room, presumably in some kind of theme park place. I was with my parents; they were sharing a bed and I had one of those lame “extra beds” thing to sleep on.

The lights were switched off, and we just lay there, about to fall asleep when we realised that we could hear someone moving about in the room. I took out my handphone and used its light to scan the room. In the corner directly in front of my bed was the standard furniture set; two smallish armchairs and a coffee table. And in the pathetic light of my handphone, I saw the lurking figure of the Joker (the creepy as Hell Heath Ledger one).

He was half crouching behind the armchair, his eyes rolling madly, and he had that really scary grin on his face. He lurched out from the corner, a switchblade in hand. And he was saying things like, ‘Hide and seek, hide and seek! You found me, so now it’s your turn to hide...’

We were too stunned by the fact that a stranger was in our room do to much more than gape and to make half-form sentences.
He was walking towards me, grinning menacingly and terrified, I tried to scramble out of bed to get away. But he lunged and caught me by the throat and waved the knife in my face.

No, he didn’t go into litany of how he got the scars on his face (which would have been cool). He just threatened to kill me really slowly by slicing bits off. :(

I was begging him to not kill me. ‘Please don’t hurt me, sir!’

And then he paused and titled his head. ‘Ahh...’ he smiled slowly. ‘”Sir”... you my dear, have an extremely healthy sense of respect.’

And then, still holding tight to me, he hauled me out of the hotel room and into the lighted hallway. He pressed my back against the wall and shoved me to the floor. With one last threatening gesture with his knife, he told me to stay where I was and not move an inch or else.

I was a trembling mess, so I nodded emphatically and threw in a ‘Yes, sir!’ for luck.

He smiled in approval and petted my head and he loped off back into the dark room to face my parents. He left the door open.

I crouched in the hallways, to terrified to move, but unable to look away from the black doorway. I could see glints of the knife flashing, and the whites of his eyes. And omg, I could hear everything.

Which was probably worse.

My parents were yelling and screaming, and there were scuffling sounds, and he was always laughing. Jeez, thinking about it now still gives me the willies!

I could hear my mum choking or something, and I think he was strangling her.

I remember considering my few options:
a) run away and be safe/get help, but my parents would die.
b) obey the Joker and stay where I was, and my parents would die.
c) run in and try to help my parents, and might die.

So I figured somehow that the last option was the best, so I charged into the room screaming. I was so bloody scared, but I couldn’t just let my parents get killed. I managed to twist the knife out of his grip and there was a mad struggle with lots of miscellaneous flailing limbs and then suddenly my parents and I managed to escape safely.

We ran like crazy to our car and jumped in and drove all the way home. And when we arrived home, we knew that the Joker would still be after us. So we had to go to places where there’d be lots of people around.

Luckily, there was a party somewhere in the neighbourhood. I went to the party and met up with everyone there. But even surrounded by other guests and plied with drinks, I couldn’t shake off the feeling that the Joker was there, just behind me. Several times, I thought I glimpsed him standing under the stairs, or behind a group of people.

And then suddenly, the ground started to shake and the lights flickered. And people started panicking because it felt like an earthquake. We all rushed to the windows and peered out.

Then, the top of a house some roads away blew off in a magnificent cloud of sparkly purple dust. It was like the colour of magic, I tell you, all pretty and swirly and mysterious.

And then two creatures unfurled from the smokey tendrils. Dragons! They had horns and wings and everything.

Everyone was stunned. And then cameras starting flashing madly and people exclaiming. I whipped out my handphone and started taking pics too, because holy shit, Dragons!

A huge silver screen materialised in the sky and the image of a female alien appeared. And she told us that we human had messed up our eco system enough. The dragons, were apparently eco-friendly dragons, and would help us restore the natural eco balance. How strange, but infinitely convenient!