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emymsm in auracastellum

Mun & Mun Private Investigators

My dad and I were on a case, trying to find the serial killer who had so far brutally murdered a dozen people, all women. We had been working this case for months and now we have a major break; the last victim - lucky number 13 - had survived and was recovering at the hospital.

We rushed to the hospital to see if she would talk to us, but we couldn't see her because she was resting. So my dad went off to make some calls, and I had to stay behind to guard the door, in case the killer came back to finish the job. I felt pretty hungry, so I went to the small cafeteria, which was just a short way down the hall from the girl's room, and ordered a hard-boiled egg. I was peeling it and had just bitten the top of the egg when I happened to glance back over my shoulder and saw this big bald guy lurking near her door. He was wearing a light blue button shirt, and jeans. He caught me studying him and he hurried away. Immediately suspicious, I dropped my egg to follow him, but he eluded me.

And then quite suddenly I was at home, walking up the stairs and Nyat and Nasha were following me to my room/office. I was telling them about my case, and about all the murder victims. I took out a folder with all the crime scene pictures and spread them out on my table. And suddenly with extreme horror, realised that the first victim was Nat. I was so angry at the murderer, so I immediately went back to the hospital to talk to the latest victim.

She agreed to see me and answer some questions. But when I went into the room, I somehow knew that she was lying about being the victim, and that she was the murderer. She knew that I knew this, but she also knew I didn't have proof, which made her gloat, which pissed me off. I grabbed her left hand and told her that I'd make her pay for whats she did, then she smirked and squeezed my hand. Ow! I could feel my bones grinding together under her grip.

In response I grabbed her other hand with my free and and squeezed her back, and was extremely satisfied when her smug expression became one of acute pain. Hah! Take that you stupid bitch!

Then to my horror, I realised the reason she was in so much pain was because her right hand didn't have any flesh. It was all bones, and she had a layer of dry, paper-skin skin wrapping it loosely. And when I squished her hand, my fingers actually punctured her skin, and I could literally feel her bones. Which so grossed me out, I started retching, and woke up still feeling disgusted. Ew!